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AudioAddictz Psy Trance Web Radio has been running for over 10 years

and in that time we have grown beyond our expectations

along the way we have helped established & new Dj's & Artists

by promoting there music in our shows.

Here is a list of some of the Artists & Dj's who have played on our station.

6o4tokay, Akahum, Andy James, Andy Mason, Antali, Ashan Project, Astral Projection, Astro Druid, AtomGrinder, Auricle, Awen,

Beta Quadra, Bez23, Bright Spark, Cabbagecaz, Chemical Abstract aka BioSynthesis, Chemical Kev, Cheryl Technomedic, Chris rich,

Chris Wiley, Craig Stuart, Dave Thoburn, Dedo, Distortion Orchestra, Dj Andi, Dj Ascent, Dj Bharat, Dj Chink, Dj ego-t, Dj Fonetiko, Dj Gordon,

DJ Jim'll Mixit, Dj Kyana, Dj Onney, Dj Psilopsyb, Dj Sick Nick, Dj Ssk, DJ thelostreef, Earth Angel, Eat Static ( Merv ), Ed Tangent, El Grin,

Extrax, Extrinsic, Fatali, Fractal Injection, Fuzzy Logic , Fyah Man, Galactic Monkey, Hoodwink, Huitaca, Hy-Phen, Ihab Hamdy, J Jarez,

James Psy-Clone, Jamie Ruff, John Weetamix, Joy Circuit, Lloyd Positivist, Loose Connection, Lorraine, Lunar SeeD, Mark Day, Marsh, Meghan,

Mick Cloudbase, Mick Trauma , Mistress Jade, Morgan Grinder, Mr Tripp, Mr. Black , Mutatedpony, Nanook, Naon, NASA, Onboxx,

Opus Jody ( Opus Pocus ), Overtones, Pan, Paul Taylor, Peace Maker, Platonix , Prognosis, PsiloCyber, Psy-Chi, Psy-Clone, Psykia, Rama OOOD,

Rowan Elf, Shamanik, Shawnodese, Skyhighatrist, Slam Badger 666, SnuFF, Sporophore, Sprocket, Ssk, StefM, Steve Kundalini, Steve OOOD,

Suburban Acid Saturation, Superboss, Suspects, TB, Tekno Hippie, Terpsichore, Toby C, Tom ellis, Transjuicer, Uneven Steven, Zetan Spore, ZubZub.


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